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Thursday, 27 August 2020

New PAN Application / Instant PAN

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A new development for the "BETTER" accountability and transparent system of Taxation and finance/Use of Public money.

In order to do the above big words like " transparent and Good use of public money and lot more " government want to make the India - To DIGITAL INDIA, by integrating all the people ( 1.2 Billion) in One Aadhaar Network.

In order to do so government has made a new insertion in PAN application is, inclusion of Aadhaar details in it. Guess what it's mandatory to have Aadhaar to apply PAN. Its the first very basic step by the government to go with above mentioned idea and bring all the people under one.

There are many other change that we can expect from this present government in relation to financial compliance (for finance related professionals) and taxation change for both common man ( the most awaited person / class) and business people.

With the help of Aadhaar ( linked with Phone Number) can easily obtain the digital copy with in a day (Max) or before that. Here one need to know that this facility is applicable for the person who doesn't hold any PAN.

Following is the link to get the PAN Card with the help of Aadhaar Card.

No FEE required to Get the New PAN, earlier a nominal fee was charged to get the PAN. Thanks to Technology and other initiatives taken by income tax department that helps us to save a few bucks and time more importantly to get this basic document for tax compliance.

For Aadhar related information Click Here Aadhaar

For more details about the update on financial / taxation new do follow us.


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